An incredible Malaysian Blackwood ebony set

Straight out of the box, a couple quick images of an incredible Indonesian flamed ebony set. The base color is a rich reddish brown covered by a very dense network of ink lines. I’ll repost after it acclimatizes and I plane off the protective lacquer which covers it entirely. I smoothed and wiped some shellac on a back area and it is absolutely stunning. The third photo shows the sides detail, natural color no shellac. Strikingly and strangely similar to the finest Ziricote.




5 thoughts on “An incredible Malaysian Blackwood ebony set

  1. Looks amazing! Congratulations 🙂
    Will be interesting to know how it compares to rosewoods and your work experience with it…
    Good luck!

    • Thanks! I am almost done with my first ebony guitar, made from Macassar. It is a different species but comes from the same area and I read they sound the same. From what I read ebony can produce a stronger and clearer tone compared to normal weight rosewood, but maybe drier. I’ve played a cedar and Macassar guitar and liked it, it was powerful and had good harmonics. Perhaps it sounds dry with spruce only.

      • Thanks for sharing the experience!
        What about the weight, density and thickness of the back and sides?
        Curious and looking forward to hearing your sound samples when it’s finished… 🙂

  2. The density is high, similar to African ebony or the heavy rosewoods (Amazon, cocobolo , ABW etc) The taptone is dull (like maple, walnut or black ebony) so I think it is better to use cedar rather than spruce (spruce sounds duller than cedar) If you want a normal weight guitar they need to be taken thinner than 2mm. The nice thing I noticed with Macassar is that it is not as brittle as African ebonies or most rosewoods which crack very easily when thin. It has more elasticity and bends more before cracking, even when flatsawn.

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