#26 completed

Swiss spruce soundboard, fan braced, Amazon rosewood body
Brazilian rosewood (60 years old) bridge, Madrone burl rosette and boxwood binding
Honduras mahogany neck, 650mm scale, ebony spine and Amazon rw fingerboard
Rubner tuners with Indian rosewood buttons, Indian headplates.

Bare wood raw recordings:

2 thoughts on “#26 completed

  1. Simple, elegant –> beautiful. Congratulations !
    I love the sound, and – just out of curiosity – I wonder how it would sound with low/light tension strings. In this matter, following opinion of Ramon Amira often expressed at Delcamp Forum I switched to low tension and I do not regret 🙂

    • Thanks Jacek! I’ve tried it with normal d’addario when it was new and sounded nice as well. There is little difference between normal and hard d’addario. It is just that I setup the height and intonation with whatever brand/tension is favored by the customer. Two more guitars coming up, stay tuned 🙂

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