Back sets


DSC_0371Indian rosewood 1a

DSC_0374Indian rosewood 2a

DSC_0375Indian rosewood 1a

DSC_0376Indian rosewood 2a

DSC_0377Indian rosewood 1a

DSC_0378Indian rosewood 2a

DSC_0379Indian rosewood 1a

DSC_0381Indian rosewood 2a

DSC_0382Indian rosewood, 2a, Reserved

DSC_0384Amazon rosewood, extremely rare with figure

DSC_0385Indian rosewood, 1a, Reserved

DSC_0420Madagascar rosewood, amazing taptone

DSC_0386Madagascar rosewood, sister set to one above but better sides

DSC_0387Madagascar rosewood, high density, amazing taptone

DSC_0389Madagascar rosewood, extremely rare so dark, high density, amazing taptone

DSC_0390Spanish cypress, 1a, Reserved

DSC_0394Honduras rosewood, high density, amazing taptone

DSC_0395Indian rosewood, 2a

DSC_0396Amazon rosewood, high density

DSC_0398figured and flamed Malaysian blackwood

DSC_0400Amazon rosewood, high density, Reserved

DSC_0401Spanish cypress, 1a, Reserved

DSC_0403Romanian maple, Reserved

DSC_0406Romanian maple, 1a

DSC_0408Romanian maple, 1a

DSC_0410Romanian maple, 1a, Reserved

DSC_0411Indian rosewood, 1a, Reserved

DSC_0412Extremely rare very dark Indian rosewood, Reserved

DSC_0413 Perfect cut purple Indian rw, 1a, Reserved

DSC_0415Perfect cut purple Indian rw, 1a, Reserved

DSC_04164 piece Amazon rosewood

DSC_0418Spanish cypress, 2a

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