#9 Completed

A few formal completed photos with number 9, the sister of number 7.

Some specs:
-Austrian spruce top
-South American cedar neck with Madagascar rosewood insert, ebony fingerboard.
-Madagascar rosewood back, sides, binding, bridge and head plates.
-bloodwood (natural red) with green maple top purfling; maple and Indian rosewood back and sides purfling.
-French polished with dark shellac.

For the record, some pics with number 7. Same wood specs as her sister, but the back and sides are finished with amber violin varnish. Soundboard color scheme is inverted, based on bloodwood not green.

Austrian Spruce – Indian rosewood (#6)

This is my first build inspired by the work of Robert Bouchet. I finished the construction in January but only got a chance to finish the french polishing this month.
The sound is strong, clear, with good separation and sustain.


-Alpine spruce soundboard (Tyrol, Austria, 2006) – superb quality, from Rudolf Fuchs.
-Indian rosewood back, sides and binding
-Brazilian rosewood headplate and bridge
-Spanish cedar neck with rosewood insert
-bold maple and rosewood purfling; bloodwood (among others) rosette and face purfling
-French polished with brown shellac – this stuff is not for the faint-hearted; very hard to get an even color.

Max’s Madagascar completed (#7)

Today i finished polishing and handed Max his new guitar. We are both very pleased with the sound, Spanish, open and sustaining even if it has not been played in at all.
I wanted to take some nice blurry background pictures in the garden but rain started and we had to settle for the less inspiring balcony and my dusty workshop.

-A video of it on youtube- Manuel MarĂ­a Ponce – Gavotte

-And another: Dia de Noviembre, Leo Brouwer –