Lattice braced Carpathian spruce Bubinga

-lattice braced Carpathian spruce
-padauk bridge
-bubinga back and sides
-V-joint cedro neck with Amazon rowsewood fingerboard and Gotoh tuners
-maple binding

Bubinga is an African tonewood becoming more used in the recent years, although more so on steel string guitars. It is very hard and dense, above typical rosewoods, with a dry, woody taptone. The tone is clean and direct, reminding me of both maple and ebony. I am pleased with how it turned out and obtained several high grade sets.

Lattice braced Swiss spruce – Honduras rosewood

Swiss spruce soundboard, lattice bracing
Honduras rosewood body, Madagascar rosewood bridge and headplate, Indian rosewood binding
African blackwood fingerboard, cedro neck
Gilbert tuners.

Soundclips in raw state before french polishing, Savarez strings. With polish and d’addario strings, I found deep basses with tight, clear and sustaining trebles (reminiscent of my Bouchet model) and a quite balanced and refined presentation.

Cedar Rosewood lattice braced

Cedar soundboard, lattice bracing
Indian rosewood body, bridge, binding, back headplate
Ebony headplate and fingerboard, V-joint cedro neck
Scheller tuners.

Soundclip in raw state before french polishing, Savarez strings.

Cedar / IRW lattice

-red cedar top, lattice bracing, 650mm scale, Madagascar rosewood rosette
-Indian rosewood body with soundport
-Spanish cedar neck with Honduras mahogany head and Macassar ebony fingerboard
-Brazilian rosewood bridge, Indian rw headplate and maple binding.

French polished clips (soundport closed), Savarez carbon strings:

Raw wood clip (soundport closed), Savarez carbon strings:

Cedar / Indian rosewood Lattice braced

-red cedar top, lattice bracing, 650mm scale
-Indian rosewood body
-Spanish cedar neck with African ebony fingerboard
-Madagascar rosewood bridge, Indian rw headplate and binding.

Raw soundclip recorded without varnish, nylon strings:

French polished clip, Savarez carbon strings:

#20 completed photos

-Spruce lattice braced western red cedar soundboard
-650mm scale, Graf tuners
-Macassar ebony back and sides, Madagascar rosewood binding
-Bois de rose fingerboard and bridge
-Honduras mahogany neck with uncertain species of ebony headplate

The headplate of this guitar has an interesting story. The owner brought me the fingerboard of his 100+ yo cello which he had replaced. He thought I might have use for the wood, not for his guitar, but in general. When I looked carefully I noticed the wood was dyed black and there was some color inside. After I scraped it was clear it was quite similar to the color of the Macassar set i chose for the guitar so I decided to make the headplate from it.

Clips from various players and strings: